France Dessert has become the destination for authentic artisanal frozen desserts for restaurants and professionals. Since 1963, we’ve been making France’s most celebrated pastries, ice creams, sorbets and breads. Today, we offer more than 2,500 time-honored recipes and flavors.

Our exquisite French desserts are made in our atelier located in the heart of the Corbières region of France. Our creations have been perfected by the finest chefs under the guidance of award-winning pastry chef and icon, Philippe Urraca. 

Our mission is to support food service professionals in meeting the needs and delighting the senses of a new generation of consumers: demanding, ingredient-conscious food lovers who eat on the go. The exceptional quality and fast, reliable delivery of our desserts from a US facility makes France Dessert the gold standard of artisanal desserts for service professionals. In fact, orders of $100 or more in the New York area arrive within 24 hours.

We use the finest ingredients and classic pastry techniques to achieve a richness and depth of flavor as if it were freshly made in your kitchen. In our quest for excellence, it’s all about making dessert a pleasure.